I originally started mixing blends as a means of creating all natural body products for my family. As I learned about essential oils and nature essences and the benefits they can have, I started creating specialized blends for my family to use as tools to help us through our day. These Aroma Essence products do more than cleanse and moisturize the body, they actually affect one's physical, mental and emotional state of being. 

I have grouped these blends into three separate product lines:
The Divine Child line consists of blends designed to support children facing specific life challenges relating to lack of concentration, disrupted sleep (night terrors), over active fight or flight response, sensory defensiveness, low arousal and puberty. Especially helpful for those with sensory processing challenges, Aroma Essences may be inhaled through the nose which is directly linked to the brain or for a longer lasting affect may be absorbed through the skin. These products have been practical and helpful tools for my children to independently self regulate and I am so pleased to offer them to others.

The Be Well line is made up of blends specifically created to help soothe physical ailments like cold and flu symptoms, restless sleep and muscle pain. You will also find Be Well specialty products including aluminum free deodorizing spray, Be Well Salve and hand sanitizer.

The Mystic Journeys Line is apprised of 15 exceptional blends formulated to support adults through specific life phases and processes. These blends focus on universal issues like: balance (Yin Yang), patience (Face the Day) and emotional loss (Trust Your Path).

All of the blends from all three of these product lines are available in bath salts, concentrated body wash, moisturizing massage oils and synergy sprays. Each Aroma Essence product is made from all natural, food grade, organic (when reasonable) ingredients including non irradiated herbs from my garden and pure essential oils. To ensure freshness and quality, each product is individually blended as it is ordered.

Simply choose the blend and product that best fits your situation and enjoy!

For more details about the Aroma Essence blends and products, you can click on the icons to the left and download a menu. If you wish to place an order, you may email me specifying the blend, product, size and quantity of each item and I will send you an invoice. You may make payments via Pay Pal and your order will be completed and shipped in the order it was received. If you have any questions or want to be added to my mailing list in order to receive promotional notices and the Sensory Project of the Month, you may email me at

Thank you so much for your interest in Aroma Essences by Karin.